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Your profile is the nerve centre of your account and managing your profile from within your personal dashboard is very intuitive. Listed below are the key activities and information that are available to you. Please take a few minutes to explore all the different areas to get the most from Fancy A Jam.

Profile. This first page summarises your FAJ account and activity.

My Ads. This shows all of your active ads on FAJ. Here you can edit the ad, feature them, bump them to the top, mark them as sold, check any messages linked to that ad and much more.

Inactive Ads. These are your ads that are not currently live.

Featured Ads. This details all of your ads that you have made featured by a paid package.

Fav Ads. This shows any ads that you have added to your favourites whilst browsing FAJ. A fantastic feature to go back to, ensuring that you never lose that ad that caught your attention.

Messages. This is a central place for managing all your messages.

Packages. This links to the feature ad packages available to purchase.

Package History. This details the history of any featured ad packages you have purchased.

Edit Profile. This is where you can edit your personal details and reset your password.