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check below for FAQ's

  • How do I register with Fancy A Jam?

    Just click the 'Register' link at the top right of the page, enter a username and password (you can ignore the mobile field if you don't want to give it). When you submit your registration you will receive a confirmation email, if you can't find it please check your spam folder and add our email address to your safe list to ensure that any further emails go direct to your inbox. Please click the 'verification' link in the email. Once you have done that you will be able to login to FAJ.

  • Is it really Free?

    Yes it's completely free to register, browse all ads, post unlimited free ads and contact any advertiser. There is also an option for 'Premium Ads' which will get you more prominent exposure (see below)

  • How do I post a Free Ad?

    Just click the big red button at the top right of the page then enter the info/fields that are relevant to you and you're done. FREE Ads are live for 30 days then they will disappear. You will need to register to post a FREE AD.

  • What is a Featured Ad?

    A Featured Ad is a paid option to help you stand out from the crowd. All Featured Ads are flagged red and show in several places on the website. A Featured Ad can also be 'Bumped' to the top. Featured Ads are featured for 30 days and depending on what package you purchase depends on how many times you can bump the ad to the top. They can also be filtered easily by anyone using the 'Featured Ads links' around the website. There is a very small cost for a Featured Ad.

  • How do I post a Featured Ad?

    You can easily feature your ad from within your Dashboard/Profile page. You will need to purchase a Featured Ad Package, this will add the ability to feature and bump your existing free ads from your profile page.

  • How do I pay for a Featured Ad?

    Featured Ads can be purchased from within your Dashboard or via the links on the home page. Once added to your cart, just click 'Proceed To Checkout'. This will take you to PayPal, here you can pay with PayPal or a credit/debit card.

  • What do I include in my 'Musician' Ad?

    Here is a brief summary of what to include: What you are searching for, your location and if you are willing to travel, any age requirements if relevant, are you in it for the money or the beer, do you want weekly rehearsal or occasional gigs, your influences and if you have rehearsal space etc. A photo would be great too. Top Tip! Once you have posted your Ad, use the social media share buttons to post it to all your other social media platforms ensuring maximum coverage whilst your Ad is active.

  • What do I include in my 'Gear' Ad?

    Keep it to the point but as much detail as you can about the item including it's condition, age, value, any provenance etc and a photo!

  • Can I 'Favourite' Ads?

    Absolutely, just click the 'favourite' button on any advert, this ads the advertisement to the favourites tab in your dashboard. Go to your dashboard and there they all are!

  • Do I have to include images?

    Well no you don't but they say a picture paints a thousand words so you will get a load more interest if you do. It could be a picture of you or your band in action or a promo shot, a band logo is a good alternative, maybe a photo of the band or artist you are inspired by, is in your set list or doing a tribute to, or anything that will get attention. This is your opportunity to get creative and stand out from the crowd. Keep it legal and decent please and be mindful of copyright. A default image will be used if you decide not to upload your own.

  • What's the best image size?

    The max image size is set at 2 MB per image, 2 images are allowed per ad. Around 2000 pixels wide seems to be around the correct size. You will get a warning message if your images are too large (or too small) . Images can be reduced in size easily. Further details in the Quick Links in the footer.

  • How do I remove the location geo data embedded in my photo?

    There are some concerns around location data being embedded in the meta data of any digital photos you take. From this the location (e.g. your home address) of the item can be found. However if you are concerned the 'geo tag' can easily be removed. Further details in the Quick Links in the footer.

  • I've forgotten my password?

    This can be reset from the login screen.

  • What are 'tags'?

    Tags are keywords that can help people find your ad when searching. For example, if you are a lead guitarist advertising for a blues band and live in Bath Somerset, you could add the tags lead,guitarist,blues,bath,somerset. Or indeed anything that you feel is relevant to you. Just separate each one with a comma and no spaces.

  • What is my Dashboard?

    Think of your Dashboard as your mixing desk where you can manage/control your account with Fancy A Jam. Here you can feature, bump, edit or delete your ads, edit your profile, view any expired/inactive ads, purchase feature ad packages and a lot more. Further details in the Quick Links in the footer.

  • Can I include a YouTube link in my ad?

    Yes and I would encourage you to do so. Anyone browsing FAJ can view your video directly from the advert or clicking into the ad. Just copy the link from YouTube and paste it into the field when creating your ad.

  • Can I link to my website?

    Yes there is a field where you can include a website link when you create your ad

  • How do I search Fancy A Jam?

    Searching the ads can be done in a number of ways which are very intuitive. The easiest way to get started is to click the Category Browse image on the home page, that will take you to all the ads currently in that section where you can drill down closer. You can also search by clicking the 'Search FAJ' link in the top menu, choose a category and use a keyword

  • How do I contact someone about an ad I'm interested in?

    Just click the big red 'Send Message' button to right of the ad you are interested in. This will send an email directly to them, also the messages will be visible in their profile.

  • Is Fancy A Jam secure?

    Absolutely, just take a look at your browsers search bar, notice the padlock, that's the industry standard for a secure website. The techie bit 'SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral'

  • Can I include my email address or mobile number in an ad?

    Best practice is not to include any personal info within the ad itself. Interested parties can contact you via the contact button to the right of your ad. If you want to exchange mobile numbers it's best to do it privately rather than publicly.

  • Will you contact me on my mobile?

    FAJ will never contact you via your mobile, share your mobile with anyone or make it visible to other users of FAJ.

  • Can I contact Fancy A Jam directly?

    Absolutely, if you need to contact us for whatever reason just click the Contact link in the menu or email us at Ideas, suggestions, improvements, feedback and success stories are all welcome.

  • I have noticed an offensive ad!

    This is taken very seriously. All ads and comments should be polite, free from inappropriate language, personal attack, political comment and remain on topic. If not they will be deleted. You can report Spam, Duplicate Ads, Offensive Ads and Fake Ads from directly in your dashboard or please contact us via the Contact form. Thanks

  • Can I filter just the Mature Musician ads?

    Sure, just click on the 'Search FAJ' link in the top menu and use 'mature' as a keyword.