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Mature Musician?

So what’s it all about Alfie?

Looking to start or join a band? Struggling to find the right person for your music project? Is your online musician search proving a challenge?

Fancy A Jam fixes that.

Why not join the newest and only online mature musician friendly classified advertising website. Basically it’s a database of like-minded people, products and services who are actively searching for someone just like you.

The right age, experience and attitude are just a few clicks away. Create your own FREE Ad today. And it’s not just musicians who can benefit from this website, music teachers, studio engineers, rehearsal premises, producers, promoters and marketing can all be advertised on this site.

Fancy A Jam was born from frustration (I’m a ‘mature musician’). Tired of trawling through pages of internet adverts not relevant to me, I decided to create Fancy A Jam. It’s modern, user friendly and best of all completely FREE to search and post adverts.

FAJ closes the gap for those of us who have been round the block once or twice, those who are starting out a bit later in life or indeed anyone of any age who just doesn’t relate to today’s top 40 radio.

Get connected fast with Fancy A Jam.

But what is the definition of mature you ask …..well, ‘fully developed in body and mind’ is one, but how many musicians do you know who are fully developed in body and mind!

Dizzy Gillespie once said “the sign of a mature musician is knowing what to play. When I was a child I said to my mother, when I grow up I want to be a musician, she said son you can’t do both!

Other dictionary words for mature include, perfected, cultured, experienced, cultivated, sophisticated, aged and seasoned. But it’s not an exact science, so it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or pro, what genre of music you favour, even what age you are or where you sit on the mature word spectrum, register and advertise today!

You have nothing to lose. Good luck and keep rockin’……anyone fancy a jam?